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I've come to look for America...
So... I actually managed to get into graduate school. Apparently the GRE scores were not only good enough, but were good enough to get me a scholarship for my first year. Cool :) Now I just have to figure out what to do for money during my second year.

That means I'm actually moving to the US. For two years. It's a completely different situation than last year, when everything was temporary and I didn't actually know how long I was going to stay. Now I have to actually rent out my beautiful renovated apartment (it still pains me, but I'll get over it). I have to pack everything I own and find people to store them for me for the next two years (I think I'll have no trouble trying to find someone to store my CD and DVD collections...). I have to find someway to send money from Brazil to the US (what's this Western Union thingy? I'll have to check it out). I have to stock up on my bcp for the next 2 years. And so many other things I still haven't thought about. But I'm very very excited. I'm just waiting for my work to allow me to go (it's a sort of a sabatical thingy). If everything goes smoothly, I'll be in DC late July! Just in time for the end of summer! Yay!

And *then*, when I actually get there, I have to figure out a whole bunch of stuff that I just don't understand. First, what's this about a credit history? And can I get a credit card at all? A lot of stores only accept american based credit cards (like How can I get a TiVo and how does it work? :) So yeah, a lot of adapting to do... There's an international student orientation that'll probably cover all the practicall stuff (banking and living and everything else), but probably not the TiVo part ;)

On other news... I *finally* stopped smoking. Seriously. I've been smoke-free for exactly 1 week, four days, 6 hours and 57 minutes. I know it's not much, but it sure *feels* like a loooooong time for me. I've fallen off the wagon a few times, and then got back on again, and then fell off, and so on and so forth... The last time I fell off the wagon, I'd been smoke-free for 4 days and bummed a Marlboro from someone at my work. Oh. My. God. It tasted AWFUL. And then my throat started scratching after about 3 drags, and then my lungs actually began to *hurt*. That was 10 days ago :) Here's hoping this time it lasts...

As for fandom, I haven't been watching much of anything. Well, there's the usual: Lost (are they ever going to get anywhere??), Terminator (so far, I'm liking it so so, it's just started here in Brazil, and I don't know if it's still on in the States). Oh, and American Idol! David Cook!!! I so rooted for him the entire season, and I just couldn't wait to see the finale (it'll only show here in Brazil next week), so I downloaded it on Thursday. Good think I'm home with the flu ;) Gosh, I love him to bits. He's just soooo cute and sexy and rough in all the right places and... and... you get the idea. Love him to death, and have managed to download most of the songs from the show. Now, I'd pay iTunes to download the songs, but they WON'T ACCEPT MY CREDIT CARDS. It doesn't matter if it's international, platinum, whatever. So I have no other option but downloading from the 'net. If y'all could help me, here's what I still haven't found and would LOVE to have (studio versions):

All I Really Need Is You
Baba O'Rilley
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (I still can't believe how beautifully he did this)
Dare You To Move
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
The World I Know

Mostly I find the live versions, but they're just too short (although I have most of them too, of course), and I actually like his arrangements. So yeah, if y'all have any of those in studio versions, or if you could point me to where I can find them, I'd really appreciate it! :)

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Hi, I run tivolovers and - they're good resources if you're serious about the TiVo question. :-)

As for getting one - sells them, but you'll get a better price from

I am serious about it, really! I'll take a look over at first just to get an idea. Thanks a lot for the info! I'll just bombard you with questions later on ;)

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