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Cookie? WTF?
I love David Cook to death. But no matter how much I gush over him, I will NEVER EVER call him Cookie. I'm sorry. Cookie is a good name for a grandma or for a poodle, but NOT for a hot rocker guy like David Cook.

Although I agree that he's definitely good enough to eat.

On related news, I just bought my AI Tour tickets. And I'm pissed off. Because I'm stupid and didn't want to go by myself, I waited a few days to see if anyone would go with me. And today when I finally realized that I'm the only one of all my friends who's insane enough to pay over $70 to see David Cook, the seating available SUCKED. Well, at least sucked to what was available, say, this past Saturday, which was RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE. Now I'm stuck high at center field. Which sucks. I'll be watching on the big screen.

Are we allowed to take pictures? Because I'd LOVE to take my pro camera with the big zoom lens to this... At least I'd be able to SEE better :P


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