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First step
Did I mention that I'm trying to get into a graduate course here in the States? Well, I am... I want to study documentary filmmaking. So today I took my GRE exam. I got 700 on the quantitative and 680 on the verbal.

So I wanted to know from you guys who have already done this, is this a good score? Because I have no idea what the scores actually mean. There's no information as to the minimum I have to get in order to get in the schools I'm looking into (Emerson College in Boston, Temple University in Philadelphia, American University here in DC and Savannah College).

Also, do you guys have any tips on writing my essay? And who to ask for recommendation letters?

This is so completely different from what we have in Brazil that I'm feeling kind of lost... But hopefully I'll be able to come back to the States next year! Yay! :)

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*random driveby hugs and declarations of your awesomeness* :)

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